“Heavy Caliber” – Hypontech expands single phase portfolio up to 9kW

2021-01-11Company News

Hypontech has recently released HPS 7-9 kW single phase inverters, introducing a powerful expansion to the single-phase portfolio, and advanced technologies that push the boundaries of innovation for users who want the most out of their home solar systems.


Integrated with the premium materials, HPS 7-9kW models boast a stunning capability and a long-term reliability. The new models are equipped with 3 sets of MC4 inputs, each rate at a maximum input current of 13A, set ready for high adaptability to coming expansion of 400W+ solar modules in the market. Patented MPPT design, complimented by the All-in-One PCBA, allows 98% of maximum efficiency, as well as early startup and tracking of PV from 70V at 99.9% efficiency, with ultra-wide tracking range from 80 to 550V. New HPS 7-9kW models also introduce extra overloading capability on both AC and DC sides, at maximum 10% (AC) and 50% (DC), to optimize the yield of customer even at low sunshine intensity and duration.


The cutting-edge 3rd generation Texas Instrument DSP, fastest processors for single-phase solar inverters, powers impressive computational features for more reliable controls and prompt protections facing challenges of volatile grid conditions. Under compliance tests in the laboratory of TuV SuD and on-site trials for months, HPS 7-9kW demonstrated an elevated level of grid friendliness, feeding with quality output at 1% THDI.


Aluminum die casting design on both cover lid and an edge-to-edge unibody of heat fins and housing, the new models come with an IP65 rating and an industry-leading power density to thrive in both indoor and outdoor installations. With the chokes integrated externally and therefore 1/3 of heat isolated away from internal electronics, HPS 7-9kW demonstrated impressive performance at its peak capability of 98% efficiency against heat-induced power derate in windless environment consistently above 40℃ ambient temperature. The finishing touch of protective coating from Akzonobel, the world’s pioneer of coating material over the last century, provide the inverters with extra resistance against corrosions.


Built for efficiency, innovation, and an incredible user experience, HPS supports Wi-Fi, GPRS, Ethernet monitoring device, together with Hypontech’s HiPortal Monitoring Platform. Zero Feed-in function (also known as zero-injection, anti-reflux) is also supported with integration of smart meter in system. Comprehensive monitoring functions are constructed by HiPortal’s intelligent cloud system along with dedicated support, allowing remote maintenance solution and giving customers and engineers digitalized feedback on the operating status of solar plants whenever there is internet.


As a milestone of Hypontech’s way to energizing the future, we are proudly adding HPS 7-9kW products to global availability. Hypontech has completed the residential and commercial rooftop portfolios of grid-tied inverters by now. Our engineers now have hands on expanding three Phase to higher coverage, while Hybrid and AC-Coupling series are being developed in this year.


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