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Hypontech announced today its HPT series, a powerful new-generation of three-phase inverters, covering the residential end of solar systems from 3kW to 11kW.

HPT inverter features a highly efficient, and residential friendly design. HPT’s every enclosure part is manufactured with high precision aluminum alloy die casting, allowing full integration for both cover and housing. It therefore comes in a compact size with mechanical strength and corrosive resistance at industry-leading security level, easily scoring the IP65 protective rating at the physical weight of 14kg and below.

The manufacturing of die casting, that is so popular in automobile industry for its capability of complex geometry and dimensional stability, has brought HPT the closest tolerance in mass production, an unique metallic finish, and most valuably, an optimization in thermal management.

HPT takes full advantage of its horizontal design and an unibody of housing, heatsink and 5 external choke boxes. Here is a glance on how HPT series excel – the external choke boxes and components on PCBA are built and allocated meticulously for major heat sources to rapidly dissipate in operation, while protecting the key electronics from high temperature; the conducted heat are more effectively dissipated as airflow travels through shorter channels between more fins of heatsink – HPT is thus delivered as a well-balanced and elegant lineup in prominent heat dissipation capability, making it perfect for residential solar systems.

HPT concentrates decades of experience and high level of expertise in maximizing ROI for solar energy users. Complemented with components from top-tier suppliers, HPT supports efficient power generation in various weather, with an industry-leading DC overload capacity up to 54%. The new HPT is designed with a lower start up voltage and advanced control algorithm, for it to power longer and more consistent than most 3-phase inverters in the market. It also pairs TI’s (Texus Instruments) newest Generation Duo-Core DSP (200MHz, 16-bit ADC) with patented MPPT algorithm. Consistently generating at highest potential, HPT could operate at a maximum efficiency at 98.2%.


Built for efficiency, innovation and an incredible user experience, HPT supports WiFi, GPRS, Ethernet monitoring device, together with Hypontech’s HiPortal Monitoring Platform. Zero Feed-in function (or 0-injection or anti-reflux) is also supported when a smart meter is connected. The real-time monitoring function is constructed by an intelligent cloud system with dedicated support, allowing remote maintenance solution and giving customers and engineers digitalized feedback on the operating status of solar plants whenever there is internet.

Targeting the growing demand of small, decentralized solar systems, HPT has already been certified and approved with safety and all EMC standards as a home-friendly inverter. With the release of HPT, Hypontech’s inverter portfolio could fully cover the global residential and small commercial rooftop solar systems.

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