Hypontech advances HPT 3-Phase inverters with 30-50kW coverage

2021-08-04Company News



Hypontech today unveiled HPT 30-50kW, a new and powerful 3-Phase inverter. The highly integrated design of 50kW grid-tied inverter is perfect for the growing demands on commercial PV systems and maximizes flexibility for system design and installation in the construction of rooftop and ground-mounted systems.


Equipped with 8 string inputs and 4 MPP trackers, HPT 30-50kW allows for different module orientations and shading but is also compatible with solar panels rated above 600W with 16A maximum input current. While planning and integrating commercial solar projects are made more cost-efficient and easier, the new HPT has granted optimal yield to the system owner. HPT has strong adaptability to various types of solar projects, by enabling up to 50% of PV overloading, and 1,100 Vdc.


Intelligent features are integrated into the new HPT. Hypontech engineered its patented algorithm of tracking and control into HPT inverters, boosted by the latest generation of DSP from Texas Instrument which is one of the best-controlling chip manufacturers in the world. The processor of HPT could operate at 800 MIPS (million instructions per second), allowing dynamic tracking of solar power despite variation of intensity to maximize yield. The system owner can also benefit from the stable output of HPT at below 0.5% DCI, while integrated protection devices and software act as long-term insurance. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design, the new HPT 30-50kW could operate up to 98.8% conversion efficiency.


The aluminum chassis of HPT are fully die-casted and coated with AkzoNobel’s protective spray, rating the product with high environmental resistance at an IP65 protection class. Hypontech engineered the new HPT to ensure its longevity and durability against harsh environments, whether the installation scenario is humid, dusty, or industrial-polluted. Installation experiences are also taken care of with rounded corners and edges, and a compact design overall for easier handling, transporting and installing.


HPT enables more options for monitoring solutions, too. For the inconvenience of users and operators, HPT 30-50kW allows various communication options via RS 485, Wi-Fi, GPRS, and Ethernet. With the integration of Hypontech’s HiManager, an up to 1-to-32 multi-device data controller, monitoring of megawatts solar projects are made easier and cost-efficient. Remote support and notification in the event of a fault can be enabled via connection to HiPortal, hence service and maintenance costs are reduced.


HPT 30-50kW can be ordered now and will be shipped from August 2021.


All information about the new HPT 30-50kW can be found here (https://www.hypontech.com/product/hpt-2530k/)


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