Hypontech at the SNEC PV EXPO 2020: Inverters of Distinction

2020-08-11Company News

Hypontech has went through 3 unbelievable days at 14th SNEC PV EXPO 2020, demonstrating our latest grid-tied and storage inverter portfolio for residential and commercial solar systems.

Crowds in Hypontech Booth at SNEC E6-002

Our booth and products wowed thousands who visited SNEC – an all-rounder set of solution with ground-breaking performance measures complimented by the stunning booth design, now going all-out for the globe.

HPK 1-3kW series, the A4 sized 4.8kg Single-phase inverter developed by Hypontech, was the most stunning grid-tied solar inverter in SNEC. Many stayed for a closer look on its compactness and its full integrated die casting design.

A close-up to HPK and its TÜV SÜD certificate

HPT series had brought in just as much of a crowd as the most compact 3-11kW 3-Phase inverter design. European and Australian visitors at SNEC 2020 showed strong interest in the HPT, which is capable of 98% peak efficiency with no derate until 50℃. “Its reliability and quality performance seems unparalleled.” Said a Polish engineer who visited Hypontech booth, with decades of experience in PV industry “I really liked the texture of full die casting aluminum – you can feel the effort and ingenuity from looking at it, the heat sink, LCD screen, everything.”

Experienced Polish engineer discussing on HPT’s purchase

Detailed Product Information:

HPK 1-3kW – http://www.hypontech.com/product/hpk-12k

HPT – 3-11kW – http://www.hypontech.com/product/hpt-311k

HPT 3-11kW Series

The highest expertise of certification and validation within the PV industry, TÜV SÜD, had visited Hypontech during SNEC 2020. The Vice President of TÜV SÜD Greater China, HaiLiang Xu had awarded Hypontech with TÜV SÜD marked certificates for HPK 1-3kWand HPT 3-11kW. Mr. Xu showed high approval and respect to the technology and quality assurance to inverter products developed by Hypontech. On behalf of TÜV SÜD, Mr. Xu had discussed the long-term strategic plan with Hypontech’s Executive Director, Arron Deng.

TÜV SÜD awarding Hypontech, with high recoginition in quality and reliability


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