Hypontech expands HPT 3-Phase series to higher power coverage

2020-12-14Company News

Hypontech has recently expanded HPT 3-Phase grid-tied inverter series to a further coverage within the commercial portfolio. The new 15/17/20/25kW models now join together with previously released HPT 3-11 kW series, to offer a comprehensive solution to residential and commercial PV systems .

In the design of HPT 15-25kW Hypontech persisted with high power-density philosophy to benefit installers and EPCs with fast commissioning, hence higher number of potential projects. Bringing availability for system sizes doubled from before, the 15-25kW products are built with incredible dimensions with all integrated functions, but only a 4-centimeter difference in depth from the 3-11kW models. HPT has the smallest volume and lightest weight in class, allowing one-man inverter installations that are much more convenient and flexible on-site.

While solar panels in the market are growingly larger, HPT 15-25kW series are equipped with 4 strings of plug-in DC connectors, allowing up to 1000Vdc and 150% oversizing capability of PV arrays. The HPT is set ready for modular extension and expansions of PV systems, without requiring more installation space.

HPT 15-25kW series are rated with IP65 protection class and have optimized heat dissipation. By utilizing the unibody of fully die-casted aluminum casings, all chokes, that generates up to 1/3 of heat from the inside, are externally integrated to the housing and heat fins. HPT 15-25kW could operate at its peak against high ambient temperature with prolonged life of service.

HPT concentrates decades of experience and elevated level of expertise in maximizing ROI for solar energy users. Complemented with components from top-tier suppliers, the HPT 15-25kW series are all integrated with the newest Generation Duo-Core DSP, allowing precise and high-speed processing of control algorithms at 200MHz and 16-bit ADC. The design of HPT 15-25kW is also proven under the tests of TÜV SÜD with an elevated level of both grid and user friendliness, with only 1.2% THDI and below 0.5% of DCI. With Hypontech’s patented MPPT design, HPT could startup and track from 150Vdc and ensure optimization of customer yield against multiple peaks.

Built for efficiency, innovation and an incredible user experience, HPT supports Wi-Fi, GPRS, Ethernet monitoring device, together with Hypontech’s HiPortal Monitoring Platform. Zero Feed-in function (or 0-injection or anti-reflux) is also supported with integration of smart meter in system. Comprehensive monitoring functions are constructed by HiPortal’s intelligent cloud system along with dedicated support, allowing remote maintenance solution and giving customers and engineers digitalized feedback on the operating status of solar plants whenever there is internet.

As a milestone of Hypontech’s way to energizing the future, we are proudly adding HPT 15-25kW products to global availability. Hypontech has completed the residential and commercial rooftop portfolios of grid-tied inverters by 2020. Our engineers now have hands on expanding of Single Phase and Three Phase to higher coverage, while Hybrid and AC-Coupling series are being developed in the upcoming year.

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